New Category of
Business Platform

Innovation at the Core

We cater to consumption needs in Product, Food and Service space. Consumer is in the core of every innovation we bring.

Innovation is in our product based on specific business ideas, sound technology platform and solid team.

Innovation is in our business model that constantly strives for simplicity and ascertains viability.

Innovation is in our evolution as we grow, win in the market place and change the way industry works.




Retail On the Go

Mobile cloud-based platform offers pure mobility from PC and tablet based advanced Point of Sale (POS) to location-sensitive shop-anywhere mobile phone ordering system that transcends into true Retail-On-The-Go experience for retailer as well as consumer.

This mobility experience permeates across retail value chain (from consumer all the way to manufacturer) using mobile cloud computing, creating a flexible organization that reacts quickly to changing consumer preferences.

Industry wide data stored on the clouds offers rare business insight that crosses the traditional firm boundary while supporting decision making process.

Single Integrated Platform for
B2B & B2C

We are the category creator. There is no business platform that offers single cloud based fully integrated B2B (trading partners centric) and B2C (consumer centric) business components.

An offline brick-n-mortar retailer, with absolutely no on-site hardware infrastructure, when signs up with us, has an online Location-Sensitive Omni-Channel access to consumers with Click-n-Pick option and unparalleled Hand-Shake driven collaboration capabilities with all trading partners in a matter of few hours. Having physical store and distribution assets coupled now with an Omni-Channel presence, the retailer provides superior consumer buying experience.

A restaurant extends Omni-Channel reach to consumers & its waiters get order updates on their smart wrist watch. Pre-Ordering provides substantial benefits to restaurant owners as well as consumers.


Omni Channel Consumer Access

Retailect offers seamless integration of all shopping channels, i.e. Web, Mobile, In-Store & Door-To-Door which helps create uniform view of all products and trade deals / promotions.

Consumer is assured continuous and universal buying experience through Retailect Omni Channel platform.

Retailer has an access to the same information about "Centralized" consumer whereas consumer, in turn, gets to see consolidated spend throughout all shopping channels.

The same well integrated Omni Channel approach is deployed while promoting Hand-Shake driven cloud based collaboration across retail value chain.